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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Roadies 9 Delhi Auditions: Roadies In The Energy Of Delhi

Every year around this time, the Roadies Fever takes a toll on every youngster. Roadies, Yes I am talking about the reality show that has made us laugh, cry and watch it in complete excitement and anxiety for the last 8 years. People have all good and bad to speak about the show. Some can do anything to make their way to personal interview with the two Stalwarts named Raghu and Rajeev and some keep trying their luck for years for the love of it. Roadies has been a show that has got the entire country running in full gear to just one destination; The Roadies.

4th October 2011, Delhi Auditions for the Roadies Season 9 were held in Noida.  And yes before you think that it is going to be usual boring report writing, let me tell you, NO.  What you shall read now Day 1 of auditions from our eyes. For all those who like the show and to those who hate it too, there is a lot of hard work and preparation behind it. I did get a chance to see 1 percent of the hard work that goes behind the making and I was so overwhelmed.
Telling you about how we went for it, all thanks to Blogadda for the wonderful opportunity. We were able to meet everyone and the Delhi Auditions Backstage. It was wonderful to meet many other like minded bloggers chosen by Blogadda for the campaign. We saw everything that went into the making of the Day 1 of the Roadies Audition. Thanks Blogadda again.
The Day 1 of auditions started with the crowd standing behind the venue and even inside it and everywhere eyes could see.  Youngsters had turned up in large numbers and we were told it to be around 8000 and by the time it ended, the numbers was definitely more than a 10,000. It was a treat to see the roadies crowd because it was evident in their eyes how much they wanted to be there. People were shouting, dancing and doing it all to show their passion for the glory of this Reality Show. Girls however had the privilege of not standing in lines and just walk in the venue and line up for the auditions.
I was really impressed by the security and the arrangement. It was for sure about the security of so many people attached with the concept and the thousands who had come there. Also the arrangement and the scheduling seemed spic and span and very interesting. Everyone was given numbers (the popular Roadies Tag), moved in according to them, then at one hangar like structure and then another. It seemed that the crowd had extracted energy from the entire universe when Ranvijay, Raghu and Rajeev where on the stage. The crowd gave them a welcome I had never seen.
We then talked to a lot of contestants and it was a sight to watch how much enthusiasm they had for it. Every contestant was oozing with energy and was ready to show off “Why they want to be a roadie”. We then moved on and witnessed a group discussion. It was about the colleges should have condoms vending machines. The discussion only showed us the different colours that we youngsters have. There were also some specific discussions for girls. Each discussion was worth a watch. The way everyone stood up and told their points was amazing.
Then was the moment to meet them, Yes the two names many of us can’t even pronounce right, RAGHU RAM and RAJEEV LAKSHMAN.  We had an hour long session with them talking and discussing about the journey, the passion and the plan. They cheerfully answered all the questions and this hour long chat of our team of bloggers and these two terrific twins was an amazing one. They had no airs on being what they are, a Youth Icon. These two sharp, articulate and extremely charming men (and cute too) and masterminds of the Roadies discussed it all with us. With this our small sneak peak into the Delhi Roadies auditions ended. But for other it was the beginning of a Journey.


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