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Monday, September 17, 2012

Policy framework for solar projects in Rajasthan

Policy For Promoting Generation Of Electricity Through Non-Conventional Energy Sources 2004
The various incentives available under this policy are as follows:
    Exemption from Electricity Duty: Consumption of electricity generated by eligible producers for its captive use or for sale to a nominated third party will be exempted from electricity duty @50% for a period of 7 years from Commercial Operation Date (COD)
    Grant of incentives available to Industries: Generation of electricity from nonconventional energy sources shall be treated as eligible industry under the schemes administered by Industries Department and incentives available to industrial units under such schemes shall also be available to the power producers.
    Single window clearance: A state level empowered committee will provide single window clearance on proposals received for developing the power plants based on Non-conventional energy sources
    Allotment of land on concessional rates: the government land required for power projects based on non-conventional sources of energy shall be allotted to developer at concessional rates viz 10% of DLC rates
    Exemption from merit order dispatch regulations and availability of wheeling and banking facilities to the power producer
Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy 2011
The objective of Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy 2011 is to establish Rajasthan as a National leader in solar energy in phased manner by creating the policy frame work for promoting use of solar energy in various applications and move towards achieving following objectives:
    Developing a global hub of solar power of 10000-12000 MW capacity in next
    10-12 years to meet energy requirements of Rajasthan and India.
    Contributing to long term energy security of Rajasthan as well as ecological security by reduction in carbon emissions
    Providing a long term sustainable solution for meeting energy needs and considerably reducing dependence on depleting fossil fuel resources like coal, oil and gas
    Productive use of abundant wastelands, thereby utilizing the non-industrialized desert area for creation of an industrial hub
    Creating an R&D hub for deployment of various combinations of solar power technologies and solar based hybrid co-generation technologies which will focus on improving efficiency in existing applications, reducing cost of balance of system
    To achieve the grid parity in next 7-8 years, the State will encourage the Solar Power Developers to establish manufacturing plant of their technology in Rajasthan
    Create a solar centre of excellence which would work towards applied research and commercialization of nascent technologies to accelerate the march to grid parity


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