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Friday, September 14, 2012

Selena Biography

Selena was born to Marcela and Abraham Quintanilla on April, 16, 1971. She was the third and last child after Suzzette and Abraham Junior III. As a little girl of 8 years old Selena worked singing at bars, weddings, restaurants, fairs, and such. The band she worked in was called "Selena Y Los Dinos" formed by her father, Abraham Quintanilla. Her sister, Suzzette, played the drums and her brother, Abraham Junior, played the bass.
Selena barely enjoyed her childhood. She used to always play challenging games in school and with neighborhood friends. Dolls were not much her style, Selena was athletic (e.g. running, hide and seek, basket ball, climb trees and such). Instead of having a normal childhood, her father, a professional and experienced Musician and ex-member of the original "Los Dinos" from the nineteen-sixties, influenced Selena and her three brothers to be dedicated Musicians. A boyfriend could have never been on her schedule, considering music as a carrier was a time consuming business.
The Country/Tex-Mex band officially started in 1981. The band was considered to be the "family business" of the Quintanilla family. This business was the main source they relied on to put food on the table. Since 1981 until late 80's the family went through very rough times. They barely had money for food, had to apply for food stamps, and on many occassions, they could not afford to pay a motel. Time and patience was what kept them going.
In the late nineteen-eighties Selena Y Los Dinos gained popularity in the western states, which by then Mexican immigrants were more prominent in the United States than ever. Due to all the work imposed by the music business Selena abandoned school. Nevertheless, Selena Y Los Dinos savored their first success in 1986 when Selena received the "Female Vocalist Of The Year" and "Performer Of The Year" awards at the Tejano Music Awards. Since then the band has been among the top winners, taking awards in numerous categories year after year. Selena Y Los Dinos then went from bar performers to national performers. They appeared on "El Show De Johnny Canales", "Siempre En Domingo", "Sabado Gigante", "El Festival De La Calle Ocho" and other prestigious shows.
By the early nineties Chris Perez entered the band as the Guitarist. As it is to expect, Selena without a boyfriend and Chris without a girlfriend, the fortunate Guitarist lost no time in dating the beautiful Vocalist. Selena's father, Abraham, totally opposed to the relationship and threaten to suspend Chris Perez from the music group. This was not seen as a threat at all, Selena could have been a solist and there were Rock 'n Roll bands offering contracts to Chris. The couple had deaf ears for Abraham's threats and married on April 2, 1992.


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