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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mexican Cuisine – Easy Recipes

In "MEXICAN CUISINE – EASY AND PROVEN RECIPES" you'll find the best and easiest mexican recipes. Explained step by step. It also contains Tips (How to make flour tortillas, how to make sops, etc…) All of our recipes include incredible photographs and are made by excellent Mexican chefs guaranteed by Editorial Mango which specializes on mexican cuisine magazines. App's features:• SHOPPING LIST, which can be e-mailed.• CHRONOMETER, so none of your foods burns.• TIPS so you can prepare all recipes on this app.• SHARE the recipe by e-mail or Facebook.• FAVORITES, you can select the recipes you like the most.• INCREDIBLE PICS of all recipes. FREE package:• FREE TRIAL: Red guacamole, Tacos al pastor, Enfrijoladas Veracruz style… Available packages for sale:• A LITTLE FROM EVERYTHING: Margarita, Sopes, Home-made buñuelos…• FOR BREAKFAST: Molletes, Green tamales, Motuleño eggs…• MEAT DISHES: Tex mex Picadillo, Beef fajitas, Adobado pork tenderloin…• TACOS AND FLAUTAS: Chicken and potato flautas, Fish tacos al pastor, Basket bean tacos…• SAUCES AND GUACAMOLES: Dried chiles guacamole, Ranchera sauce, Tomato and chipotle sauce…• ENTREES AND SNACKS: Bean and cheese burritos, Chimichangas, Beans and avocado dip… Note: "MEXICAN CUISINE – EASY AND PROVEN RECIPES" is FREE to download. Contains a free trial with 16 FREE recipes, the other packages are available for sale.


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