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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mariah Carey joins wardrobe malfunction club

Birdman might not be a fan of reality TV, but that's not stopping him tune in to watch his 'little sister' Nicki Minaj clash with Mariah Carey in the latest series of American Idol – but he insists the spat is no big deal. The 44-year-old rapper – real
On his childhood crush on Mariah Carey: “I used to pray that Mariah Carey had a daughter my age.” On past rumors connecting him to Rihanna: “That actually helped my record sales a whole lot.” On his longtime girlfriend:
Just Wednesday night (Feb. 27) while watching “American Idol,” we were wondering if Mariah Carey was about to come springing out of her very tight and very low cut dress. Turns out that would just be old news.
The 'We Belong Together' crooner showed more skin than she intended when helping Jermaine Dupri celebrate 20-year anniversary of his label So So Def.
Between rehearsals, elimination shows, photo shoots, make-up and hair sessions and media interviews, American Idol judges Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Mariah Carey all have schedules that keep them going every waking


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