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Friday, February 22, 2013

National Margarita Day, 9 Spots to Sip the Most Creative Margaritas in Boston

Today is Friday. But it’s not just any ordinary Friday. It is National Margarita Day – an entire 24 hours dedicated to sipping, slurping and chugging that glorious drink filled with tequila and limes. Whether you prefer them on the rocks with salt or frozen with sugar on the rim, take time today to toast to one of the best drinks known to mankind on this National Margarita Day.
Chef Brian Poe, executive chef at The Rattlesnake, a place know for their wacky margs, dishes about his love for National Margarita day: “I’m a huge Jimmy Buffet ‘Margaritaville’ fan, so much so that when I was living in Auburn, Alabama, I would go to Ford Court where he once lived to have margaritas with friends.”
We approve, Chef Poe.
In honor of the boozy holiday, we’ve drummed up a list of where to find the most creative margaritas in Boston. Limes are good but raspberries, jalapeños, peaches and the like are even better. Have a fun weekend drinking through this list!
Border Café – I like this Harvard Square joint for its cheap food and reasonably-priced margs. The menu boasts 11 varieties to choose from, with refreshing flavors like strawberry and melon.
Haru – Yes, it’s a sushi place, but Haru offers a creative cocktail blend: the green tea margarita.
Lolita – If there was an award for most unique cocktail names, Lolita’s margaritas would win. From the “Broken Heart,” which includes white grapes and fresh raspberries, to the “Bonita,” with peach puree and fresh lime, the names are almost as good as the flavors. Order them by the glass as well as by the pitcher. 
Lone Star Taco Bar – Allston’s Lone Star Taco Bar serves an El Diablo margarita with jalapeño and habanero agave syrup. Yum.
Mija Cantina –Taking their cocktail ingredients to the next level, Faneuil Hall’s Mija Cantina adds twists for all taste buds to their margaritas such as agave nectar, watermelon puree and jalapeño pepper.
Painted Burro – This Davis Square spot offers 10 varieties of margaritas, from cucumber to hibiscus to mango. Check out their newly-opened Burro Bar for even more sipping.
Papagayo – Amidst Papagayo’s brightly colored walls, you will also find a creative margarita invention – a mini Corona bottle fastened to the side of a margarita glass. Double the pleasure, double the fun.
The Rattlesnake – One margarita at the Rattlesnake is so intense, they require you to sign a waiver before drinking it. For those who want something more mild than the Ghost Chili Margarita Challenge, try the cranberry jalapeno or raspberry margaritas.
Zocalo – Celebrate National Margarita Day in the Back Bay at Zocalo, which offers blends like the sinfully delicious raspberry margarita.


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