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Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy 2013 Mother's day!

Every year on Mother's day I usually wake up early to make my Mummy a cup of tea in bed and we go to Church together. This year, unfortunately, I am ill in bed with the worst cold so I have stayed tucked up all morning feeling absolutely miserable!
Whilst Mummy has been at Church, my older brother Charles and one of my younger brothers, George ,have been wrapping her gifts, so that she will have them upon her return. Both Charles and I have bought her cards too, as sometimes we don't know who is going to do it, so she will have two signed from the three of us and perhaps one from my other younger brother, Henry, who attends boarding school at Marlborough College and isn't home this weekend as it is not an Exeat.
My Mother is an absolute Wonder-Woman and she is a huge inspiration to me. I have never met anyone so hardworking and dedicated to her job. She used to be a treasurer in the City and has worked for the Bank of Boston too, but gave up banking to have a family in the Country. Now, she is a qualified school teacher and spends every evening going over her lesson plans to ensure they are perfect. Both of my Parents have worked hard to put all four of us through a brilliant boarding school. When she's not working, she's running coffee mornings in Church or helping with the flower arrangements, walking Digby (my Jack Russell) or baking delicious cakes for visitors.

My Mother never really treats herself to anything, yet often gives me little bits and bobs to enjoy for myself. I think Mother's day is seriously important to take time to spoil your Mum and to appreciate all of the things she has done, and mine has done so many for each of us.  Happy Mother's Day!


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