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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mothers Day 2013: A ForexLive tribute

Hot on the heels of International Womens Day we are today celebrating Mothering Sunday here in the UK.
With its roots in christian religion, the origins can be traced back centuries as the day in Lent when worshippers returned to their ” mother church” for a special service to honour the Virgin Mary.
In the UK this later developed into a day off for servants who returned home to church and to their families, and that tradition of family gatherings still holds very dear to this day.  The difference nowadays is that most of the gathering is done over lunch in the local pub, with a visit to church no longer an obligatory part of proceedings !

Don’t even think about trying to stroll up for lunch without a booking The tradition now is so strong that some pubs will have up to three separate sessions throughout the day in order to cater for the huge demand!
Anyhow, in honour of mothers everywhere, those still here and those sadly gone, here’s a ForexLive tribute. A little offering from one of the world’s most revered mums out there who knows only too well both the pleasure and pain of the job !


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