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Monday, April 15, 2013

Best & Worst Dressed: 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Here weren't too many doozies on the red carpet this year, but we managed to select a few looks that were mighty special.  First off, Ke$ha as the white winged dove/Coachella reject.  Come on, sister.  You were doing so well for awhile.
Switching gears, take a look at Kerry Washington and tell me she didn't deliver agai  First it was the Giles dress in London, and now it's this Michael Kors confection.

Hats off to Kim Kardashian for her very stylish preggo look, and 5 hats off to Kylie Jenner for using the less-is-more approach.  Best dressed gong for you, Kylie Jenner.  You go, Kylie Jenner.
Selena Gomez.  Julien Macdonald gold mini.  'Nuff said.

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