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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kendall Jenner Sounds Off About Weight Criticism

Kendall Jenner is letting the world know that she is offended by being referred to as too skinny.
Jenner, 17, is appearing on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia where she speaks about overcoming issues with her body image. The Kardashian sibling, model and reality television star revealed that many people speculate about her physical size.
"I'm constantly criticised for being too skinny. I'm trying to gain weight but my body won't let it happen," Jenner told Harper's Bazaar. "What people don't understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat, it's not a nice feeling."

While Jenner's siblings the Kardashians have risen to fame on the reality television show circuit, she has made it clear that she has no desire to ever change her last name to suit the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reality television show that she appears on.
"We're full-throttle Jenners," Kendall exclaimed earlier this year to Glamour. "We don't have any desire to be Kardashians."
Although Jenner has appeared on the reality television show for years, she admits that being in the spotlight is not always an easy task.

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"We appreciate everything that we have, but we don't remember what it's like to be normal kids who aren't harassed by the paparazzi. I hate that," Kendall revealed to Glamour. "We're underage girls. I don't want to be followed by random men I don't know. It can also be hard to deal with other kids who are jealous or mean. I can't post a picture on Instagram without being criticized."
Still, she recently told Harper's Bazaar that she is looking to break out with her own success.
"I'm trying my best with what I want to do, which is modeling. I think I'm on my own career path and I don't really care what other people have to say about me being in the spotlight of my sisters," Jenner told the publication. "I'm just doing my own thing."


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