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Monday, July 8, 2013

The newest USA online casinos in 2013 - new E.U. And U.S. casinos

Updated In July, 2013 - This page will list the newest and best online casinos in 2013. The key difference between a new online casino and an old one is significant. New U.S. casinos in 2013 tend to the latest low house edge games and use the newest casino gambling technology. Old onli
ne casinos are like old people. They are set in their ways and they will not embrace the latest trends and technologies. Online casinos do not have to hire hundreds of employees, pay for maintenance and a dozen other things that reduce their operational costs. Why should a casino game at a new online casino have the same payout percentage as the same game at a B&M casino when the Internet casino’s operational costs are only 1% of the B&M casino? Every game at a casino is designed to be profitable and operational costs are factored into this. If you remove the operational costs the casino will be able to greatly lower the house edge and still make the same profit. Most online casinos do not share this opinion. They want maximum profits to they do not adjust the built-in house edge. New online casinos are different. They may only win $.01 for every $1 wagered, compared to the $.05 at other casinos. I have added a list of the top European and USA online casinos in 2013 that use the minimal house-edge approach. They may not be very new but they embrace this concept and have developed games that reflect the new reality of casino gambling in 2013. I recently added a new online casino. Read our Grand Parker Casino review for 2013 to learn about their fast payouts and big bonuses.

I explained why new online casinos are better than old-school Internet casinos above but I will explain it in more detail here. Saying "new online casino" technically isn't accurate. Online casino gambling has evolved and there are currently two schools of thought in the industry. The old-school approach is to offer the same games with the same house edge as casinos in Las Vegas. The other camp realizes that they do not need a 5.26% house edge in Roulette. They cut that in half by using a single 0 instead of a 0 and 00. So you could essentially say that the newest online casinos actually reflect the new reality of online casino gambling, even if they are not new. The four U.S. friendly casinos and the one European casino listed above have been online for a while but they have evolved instead of staying static like most casinos.
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People never really consider operational costs at online casinos but those using the "business as usual" approach have scammed more money from players than anyone else. The games at online casinos should be much less profitable for the casino than games at brick and mortar casinos. The table below shows some basic differences between online casino expenses and B&M casino expenses. Please keep in mind that everything is relative. The "monthly bill" category for an Internet casino is marked as low compared to high for a B&M casino but that does not express the true difference between the two. It would only cost around $200 per month to host a casino online. Just the electricity bill at a live casino may run into the millions of dollars and there are dozens of other monthly bills.


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