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Monday, July 8, 2013

US poker rooms that accept western union in 2013

Updated In July, 2013 - In 2013 there are a few US poker sites that both a
ccept Western Union deposits and pay out player cashouts and withdrawals via the WU transfer service. Western Union poker sites in 2013 are the largest poker rooms that accept players from the USA. many of them also double as Moneygram poker sites, with the exception of one room. Western Union money transfers can be made instantly online, for a fee. Some poker sites will refund you both the deposit fee and the Western Union payout fee once or twice a month. These fees can be pretty large so getting a free WU deposit or cashout per month is very cool. There are few other ways for Americans to deposit at online poker rooms in 2013. Withdrawals made via WesternUnion are also the fastest US players can make. BetOnline's Western Union and Moneygram payouts usually take less than 24 hours and you can go to any of the tens of thousands of retailers around the country to pick up your cash. Getting cash in hand in 12-48 hours is only available when using these money transfer services. High speed check withdrawals can take 3-7 days at the rooms below but at other US rooms it can take weeks. These new poker sites in 2013 will pay you at least 4 times quicker. We have special Western Union deposit bonuses at the following rooms, you just need to use our link to claim them. This 2013 Poker Host review contains a list of the current payout options, fees and speeds.

If you want to deposit at a US poker room using Western Union in 2013 you can either go to a retailer like Wal-mart or the Currency Exchange in person or visit the company website at I generally opt to make the transfer online since it is faster and easier. After you send the money transfer to the poker room it will be ready for pickup within a matter of minutes. Bovada Poker and Bet Online Poker are both really good at picking up the money quickly and crediting it to your poker account. Another plus to playing at these poker rooms is that you can also do your sports betting, horse betting and casino gambling at both. This will save you money on deposit and cashout fees because you can do all of your gambling at one company. A $300 WU deposit can be split up, $100 each, between the casino, poker room and sports book. Since Western Union charges a minimum fixed fee you will end up only paying a third of what you would have if you had made three separate deposits at three different online gambling sites.
how western union poker deposits work
The poker room will supply you with the receiver info and that is who you will send the money to. Once the money is sent you will receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from Western Union. You will then give this info to the poker room and within 24 hours they will credit the cash to your account. In some cases this will only take an hour or so.
how western union poker withdrawals work
When you want to cashout your poker winnings via Western Union the poker room will send you the MTCN number and a few other details that you will need to pick up the cash. At both Bovada and BetOnline I have received this info within hours but they usually say 12-24 hours. Both gambling sites will refund the fees for WU deposits and payouts once or twice per month so if you manage your bankroll smart you can avoid fees all together.


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