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Thursday, August 8, 2013

USA Today Lists Nine Things You Need to Know About ‘Catching Fire’

Fans will get a fuller scope of Panem. According to director Francis Lawrence, Catching Fire is the movie where the story really starts to open up, the world gets bigger, the stakes get higher and relationships become much more complex.
    “Katniss’ journey through the trilogy becomes clearer here,” he says. “There are different elements now that come into play. You understand what she did in the first one and how it’s affecting the entire nation of Panem. You understand what’s at stake for her and her character and how she’s trying to protect the family and what she’s starting to mean for the rebellion.”
    Beware Johanna. Johanna Mason, a female tribute from District 7, is a lot more dangerous than she looks, and actress Jena Malone connected with her sense of humor — “It’s a little bit off the cuff and a little bit strange” — and loves her unpredictability.
    “She’s a total badass. That’s just kind of awesome,” Malone says. “No matter what circumstance you throw at her, she’s just going to rise above it.”
    Peeta gets some extra fight. In the first Hunger Games film, Peeta was a little too weak for Hutcherson’s taste, needing help and coddling from Katniss, but in Catching Fire he starts earning his keep.
    “Peeta steps it up,” Hutcherson says. “As the series goes on, my favorite part about Peeta is the character really evolves in an interesting way and in the third book (Mockingjay) he’s brainwashed and trying to kill Katniss so it’s a really great arc.”

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